who are we?

Adam Milo is an international, well-established leader in the HR-Tech pre employment testing and hiring platform.

With over 50 years in the market, harnessing its vast knowledge and incorporating cutting-edge technology for refined results. Adam Milo offers a smart, extensive and customisable HR assessment platform to organizations around the world. The AI-based tech solution evaluates and assesses potential candidates, ensuring maximal suitability and optimizing hiring processes.

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Nimrod Betzer


Being the first choice of thousands of satisfied customers and candidates worldwide every day, pushes us forward to reach higher peaks and perfect our platform even further.

Assess for Success


With a team of psychologists, Israeli security experts, and HR leaders from diverse industries, Adam Milo has developed a unique platform.

With a team of psychologists, security experts, and HR leaders from diverse industries, Adam Milo has developed a unique platform. Backed by a singular database, more than half a century of applied experience and over 20 Million assessments, 800 different industries, 14 thousands job descriptions, Adam Milo can safely state that our tests have an outstanding ability to accurately predict a candidate’s fit to a certain position.

Furthermore, our R&D Division is internal, constantly fine tuning and updating our research, ensuring its validity and critical relevance. Adam Milo’s platform is also supported and developed by data analysts and scientists, perfectly marrying technology and a vast knowledge of HR psychology.

Worldwide Expertise

Adam Milo’s talent assessment platform is implemented worldwide across the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

The company also has distributors in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, The Philippines.

The assessment platform’s data is adjustable according to the country in which it is applied, therefore, allowing us to assess according to local norms and with relation to the acceptable criteria.