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Everyone has a technology, but not 50 years of
experience in elevating the human factor

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A Smart evaluating platform - perfected with
technology, psychology and security.

Adam Milo’s online evaluation platform encompasses on two integrated
components - HR Fit and HR Risk ensuring maximal suitability

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HR Fit

Our HR Fit is not only tailored to each organisation but is also tailored to each and every position.

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HR Risk

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Designed to identify candidates who might pose an increased risk to the company’s productivity and wellbeing.

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Get more valuable insights

A video interviewing feature provides a more complete picture of the candidate’s suitability for the position and organisation.


Adam Milo’s Live helps analysing candidates’ responses and automatically generates tailored video interviews designed to focus on the main issues affecting the recruitment decisions.

The questions asked in the live interview are derived from the candidate’s assessment.

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