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Talent Assessment
  • “I can fully recommend Adam Milo Company as a valid, excellent, reliable supplier, and an expert in their field. Since 2010 Adam Milo is our key factor for recruiting, assessing, employee placement processes."

    Tal Russo Monitoring & Patrol Manager, G4S
  • “We are very pleased with the results we received from the VERITAS tests. The use of these tests decreased the employment of problematic workers in our company and improved the overall integrity of our workers."

    Alex Nachumgon Security Manager, Unilever
  • “The VERITAS test, the professional support and service that we continuously receive from Adam-Milo, are satisfying and are a great value to us. Therefore we are using the VERITAS test for over 13 years now."

    Lior Israeli Director of Fraud & Security, Partner Communications Ltd.
  • “In the last 9 years, "Adam-Milo" has been the main supplier for candidates' assessment to our organization. During that time, we received excellent service as well as professional and precise reports."

    Shiri Yaron-Pereman Recruiting Manager, OSEM Nestle

Assessment and recruitment products

Talent Assessment

  • Skills tests
    General intelligence and specific skill tests, (technical skills,
    comprehending instructions, reading financial data and more).

  • Personality test
    A self-reporting test which provides information on up
    to 30 character traits relevant to the intended position.

  • Trustworthiness/Integrity test
    The Veritas test which simulates questioning, and
    succeeds, using innovative and sophisticated methods.

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  • CV management system that enables effective work,
    storing information and management strategies
    for recruitment.

  • Automatically resumes receiving and construction
    of candidate cards, Facilitates the entire recruitment

  • Produces comparative reports and detection
    of candidates on the basis of job shedding.

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Healthcare Transportation Insurance Retail Manufacturing Education
Goverment Financial Services Pharmaceuticals Security Call Centers High Tech

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With over 500 professionals, world-wide presence, and combination of deep methodology and cutting edge technology, we’ve helped thousands of companies to perform better through optimizing their most valuable asset - people.

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