Talent Assessment

Our HR Fit is not only tailored to each organisation but is also tailored to each and every position. We understand that assessing and locating the right candidate for the company and the title’s recruitement is of the essence, which is why we are also able to complete our process using a database of millions of evaluations and results.

HR Fit Features

Our system allows independence in managing the assessment and recruitment processes, our HR Fit features include:
  • Learning Ability
  • Pragmatic Thinking
  • Planning


An indication of the candidate’s intelligence, learning ability, analytical skills, etc.

These tests include logical thinking, and technical tests, all designed to evaluate order, organisation and administrative skills, as well as examining the candidates’ level of English.

  • Team Work
  • Self Management
  • Creativity


Provides information on up to 30 characteristics relevant to the intended position.

This 25-minute test is desgined to reveal the candidate’s inner and emotional world in order to understand what motivates and inhibits them, the conditions under which they may feel satisfied, saccomplished, etc. Furthermore, the conclusions may also assist in executive compatability analysis; assessing whether a certain candidate is suitable for managerial positions in the future.

Validated Assessment Process and Methods

Each of these components has been independently developed, researched and validated based on the relevant psychological and psychometric theories along with extensive practical research and calibration and can be administered separately.

In practice, the solution provided to the client is customised and designed modularly, focusing on areas most relevant to each organisation and job position.

Candidate Evaluation Report Includes:

Overall “fit” score

both in terms of “Go” (Green) and “No Go” (Red) and in terms of level of fit (percentage).

Final stanine scale score

allowing for comparison to the relevant population pool.

Skill mapping

based on the fit between the relevant skills and the position in question.

Recommendations for follow-up questions

for further organisational stages.

Verbal assessment


Global Standards

Adam Milo’s technology follows the professional guidelines and regulations to maximise fairness in the hiring process and support data privacy. Additionally, we constantly monitor proposed regulations and laws, so we can provide our customer base with the right guidance.