Talent Assessment

Optimize your hiring process for precise skill matching and superior employee retention with our online hiring tools.

Ensure precise skill matching and enhanced retention, diving deep into candidates' personalities, motivations, and potential. Our approach minimizes bias, promotes inclusion, and nurtures high-performing teams.

HR Fit Features

Our intuitive digital platform empowers independence in managing assessment and recruitment processes.

The HR Fit features are tailored to uncover the full spectrum of a candidate's skills and potential:

  • Learning Ability
  • Pragmatic Thinking
  • Planning

Skills & Potential Assessment

Go beyond resumes and discover true capability.

Our assessments evaluate both innate potential and acquired skills, ranging from broad analytical thinking to specific software expertise. Our rigorously validated tests analyze intelligence, analytical prowess, and organizational skills, ensuring you find talent with both potential and proven ability.

  • Team Work
  • Self Management
  • Creativity

Soft Skills Assessment

Personality assessments often feel intangible, shrouded in mystery.

We break the mold. Our meticulously validated assessment precisely measures up to 30 job-relevant personality traits. This 25-minute assessment illuminates a candidate’s inner world, motivations, and satisfaction drivers, aiding in compatibility analysis for future managerial positions.

Candidate Evaluation Report Includes:

Overall “fit” Score

Indicating both positive ("Go") and negative ("No Go") potentials, along with a percentage-based fit level.

Final Stanine Scale Score

Facilitating comparison with relevant population pools.

Skill Mapping

Aligning candidate skills with job requirements.

Follow-up Recommended Questions

For deeper organizational integration (based on the specific findings of the assessments).

Verbal Assessment Summary

Offering a concise candidate overview.

Validated Assessment Process and Methods

Each of these components has been independently developed, researched and validated based on our talent assessment tools including relevant psychological and psychometric theories along with extensive practical research and calibration and can be administered separately.

In practice, the solution provided to the client is customised and designed modularly, focusing on areas most relevant to each organisation and job position.

The Ideal Match

Ready to delve deeper than just skills and experience?

Our holistic approach combines psychological expertise, objective assessment, supportive AI, and ongoing feedback features to accurately identify each role's and organization's specific needs, ensuring an ideal match between talent and opportunity.

Global Standards

Adam Milo’s technology follows the professional guidelines and regulations to maximize fairness in the hiring process and support data privacy. Additionally, we constantly monitor proposed regulations and laws, so we can provide our customer base with the right guidance.