HR Data-Driven Professionals

Data-based recruitment processes are translated to measurable results. As an HR-Tech group with more than 50 years of experience, we rely on data to measure our success:

Our HR data expert teams are comprised of a wide array of specialists from a variety of fields: psychology, psychometrics, HR, security and data scientists and an in-house R&D Division. All fully committed to offering a holistic service and perspective, as well as capable of analyzing the process.

This process eventually manifests the value that our clients receive by recruiting the right people and place in the right positions, supported by the reliability and validity of our technology. With all these, we optimise and gauge the effect of our platform on our clients’ business results.

Global Experience that Works

Organisations are international, but culture sets them apart.

Different cultures have different expectations, norms, decision-making processes, etc. Global experience along with local knowledge is crucial to tailor occupational assessments to different business needs and cultures. Adam Milo has vast experience in identifying those differences and translating them into diverse adaptive assessments.

Our Science, Your Success

Psychology is a science, and our tools and features are evidence based. As such, we rely on scientific analysis and evidence to ensure an accurate result.

As many studies show, personal interviews have many disadvantages. Integrating our platform’s scientifically informed insights with the recruitment process is our added value, improving both business success and candidate experience. Our studies show that a combination of our platform with your interview process increases accuracy in prediction, significantly compared to a process comprised of an interview alone. Our science, harnessed for your ultimate success.

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