7 Golden Rules For Choosing An Online Assessment Platform For Your Organization

Managing an organization is not a cakewalk. In addition to all the burden you have by successfully running your company, there is the massive task of hiring new people. With thousands of applications flooding your mail, it is a Herculean task to sort out and cherry-pick the few who are actually deserving.

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7 Golden Rules For Choosing An Online Assessment Platform For Your Organization

However, with digitization spreading its branches over all sectors, things are becoming easier. Yes, you got it right. Online assessment platforms make choosing the right candidate for your vacancy easier. However, how to know which is the right platform?

Here are seven rules to follow while choosing the best assessment platform for your organization.

1. Define A Job Description

The first step in recruitment is finding a suitable job definition. Note down your expectations of the candidates you are looking forward to hiring for the role and the demands of the position. How does the role in your organization differ from similar titles used in different organizations?

Properly identifying the requirements for a particular position will optimize assessments, thus helping you to sort out the suitable candidates. It will also be easier for applicants to gauge their skills based on your expectations and apply for the position they feel most deserving.

2. How To Budget Your Online Assessment Platform?

Budget is the second most important thing to consider when choosing an online assessment platform. The features offered by the platform usually determine the amount you decide to pay. In this way it deals with the complexity of the hiring process for that particular role.

If the vacancy is for a position critical to your organization, you might have to pay on the higher side. Do not pocket pinch, as that can lead to adverse consequences in the long run.

Therefore, be very meticulous about choosing the platform. Go for an assessment tool that provides complete and customized assistance in hiring the right candidate. Investing there will reap many benefits. But saving a few bucks by compromising on necessary features can lead to inappropriate hires. It creates inconveniences for your organization.

3. Make Sure The Assessment Platform Is User Friendly

A user-friendly interface should be your priority when choosing an online assessment platform. Unnecessary complications will frustrate the recruiters as well as the candidates. Therefore, selecting a platform where it is easy to conduct, compare and analyze the assessments, is imperative.
A platform with tests tailored to assess the skills for a particular position and Organization is preferable . This will save recruiters some time and effort..

Candidates must find navigating and using the tool easy. It will fetch bad reviews for your organization if many candidates find it difficult to understand how the platform works and how to fill in the answers. In addition, make sure that the assessment platform is easily accessible and EEO compliant , Making it cloud or web-based will enhance convenience compared to downloading software.

4. Ensure It Is Versatile And Scalable

It is a very pricey affair to purchase different tools to hire candidates for different positions and from different occupations. Therefore, it is best to look for a platform that allows you to get accurate assessments for various positions in your organization It should be able to grow and deal with your business needs. A successful candidate must be a good fit for the skills required for the job and must have the right personality and low risk for counterproductive work behavior (aka Integrity).

5. Anti-Cheating And Information Security Features

The chances of a malpractice attempt increase multifold in an online assessment. Therefore, it is important the assessment tool you choose must have robust anti-cheating features.

Providing every candidate with a different set of question papers decreases the chances of cheating. However, a candidate can resort to many other ways to find the answers.

Restricting a candidate’s ability to take screenshots or copy-paste can go a long way in preventing malpractice. 360-degree proctoring includes audio, video, and screen (proctoring) operation. It is one of the best ways to ensure that assessments are cheat-free. Therefore, get an insight into the security features before putting your finger on any assessment platform.
In addition, the information gathered is kept confidential in accordance to the GDPR regulation

6. The Validity Of The Results And Report

Having an unvalidated assessment may cause more damage than good. The sole purpose of conducting an online assessment is to see how competent each candidate is. Therefore, getting a detailed performance report is crucial after they take the test.
The report is essential for you to analyze and compare between your candidates to see where they are sufficiently good and where they lac.
In addition to showing correct and incorrect answers, the tool should break down performance by topic and question type.. It will allow recruiters to determine which role the candidates can perform better and where they need more training.

7. Multilingual Assessments In Compliance With International Laws

Today organizations are breaking boundaries and hiring candidates from all over the world. Therefore, to pick out the best talents, it is important to elevate their level of convenience.
A platform that allows candidates to take tests in different languages will help you find the best talents from other parts of the world.

It is because assessments in the mother tongue will help you get more authentic results. Not everyone is comfortable with English. Language barriers can often prevent brilliant minds from contributing their expertise to your organization.

Besides, ensure that the assessment corresponds to the norms of their countries. Without this, there can be an increased chance of unjustified disqualification of candidates.

Additional Desired Features for Your Assessments Platform

Besides these seven rules, there are a few more things that you can add to your list of criteria. Finding all of them in one spot will maximize your money’s value. These include:


This enables you to compare your candidate’s data to other organizations’ candidates. This will help you better understand their results and suitability. This data can also contribute to employer branding.

Added Value to Internal Organizational Processes

Many systems can also provide information about the candidate’s aptitude. For example, matching to management reserves, matching for additional positions, etc. Thus, you can also use assessment data for internal organizational processes. That will contribute to the future of the company.

Video Interview

No, we don’t mean a Zoom interview. We intend to say that the platform you choose must know how to ask the candidates questions arising from their answers on the assessment. This will allow candidates to explain their answers. Through this process, you can determine authenticity, communication and presentation skills, dedication, and suitability for the role.

Risk Prediction

Not just asses the fit but also the risk: A candidate can be a perfect fit for the position, but also pose a significant risk for the organization, especially today with the remote work and the challenges of monitoring productivity. The CWB counterproductive work behavior (Integrity) must also be considered.


A good online assessment platform can significantly help enhancing the hiring process. These platforms are not only time-saving and cost-effective but are also versatile, scalable, and user-friendly. However, selecting the right platform can be challenging. With so many options in the market, making the right choice often becomes confusing.

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7 Golden Rules For Choosing An Online Assessment Platform For Your Organization